An Introduction to “Warnings for the Identity War”


A little over a year ago this time, I started my YouTube channel. My first four videos were part of a series called, “Why The Right is Losing.” I’ve decided to revisit that series on The Republic Standard for a number of reasons—the two most prominent being that I’ve deleted all of the videos from my channel and that my views have shifted since that time.


I’d like to use this introduction to explain that last part.


When I started, I left my positioning on The Right vague because I was still under the impression that all of the various “factions” of The Right (Libertarians, Conservatives, Identitarians, Civic Nationalists, Ethno-Nationalists, etc.) could set aside their little differences and work together to combat “The Left.” I am no longer so naïve to believe the irreconcilable differences between these groups can be forgotten to defeat a common enemy, especially when there is constant bickering among them about what that enemy actually is.


True: most would agree that Feminism, for example, is a stain on our society. But, good luck getting a hardcore Traditionalist to agree with an obstinate Libertarian on how to fight it. The point is this: over the past few years, there’s been more and more fracturing in The Right and battles within it that make it nigh impossible to create a unified resistance. As an Identitarian, I would love for Civic Nationalists and Libertarians to realize their dreams are only possible in a mostly homogenous nation. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening.


Couple the fracturing with the never-ending countersignaling from the “Idea Right” (Conservatives, Libertarians, Civic Nationalists, etc.) to the “Ethnic Right” (Identitarians, Alt-Right, Separatists, etc.) and we see how the old adage is no longer true. The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy. In fact, I’d submit that they’re an even worse enemy than “The Left”—not because they do more harm, but because they have a tendency to keep everyone fighting among themselves. If we on the Ethnic Right want to accomplish anything, then we need to leave behind the Idea Right. They believe in things that not only cannot come to fruition without our success, but also in things that would inhibit that success. In other words, it’s nothing new to say that “Conservative” (I put that in quotes because they conserve nothing) and Liberalist ideas only work in a homogenous society, but I’d go even further and say that if we continue to waste our time with them, then we won’t accomplish the things we need to. We need to let them go.


Of course, that’s not to say we shouldn’t engage in debates with them from time to time. After all, many Ethnic Right-wingers are former Libertarians/Conservatives, and those debates can serve to sway more to our side. However, when we spend all of our time on those debates, we forget that we have more important work to do. That work is what I’ll be addressing in this series.


Before that, though, I’d like to explain another shift in my views from those videos.


Throughout the series, I referred to the Culture War and likened the different arenas of that war to the fronts of a real war. Well, I still believe that this is a war. But, I’ll again use the word “naïve” to describe the idea that this is simply a war of cultures. I’ve learned too many things since that time, and that fracturing I spoke of earlier has only cemented the idea that what we have on our hands is not about culture at all—it’s about ethnicity. It’s foolish to call this a Culture War. This is a war of Identity.


This is no longer a war of ideas. It’s a war to preserve our people. The culture that came from our ancestors is not the only thing we stand to lose if we fail. We are facing the end, and we cannot lose. The Culture War has turned into the Identity War.


Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be talking about some things to consider for each of the fronts of that war on The Republic Standard. I’ll post the links here when they’ve finished, so keep a look out.




Edit: The first part is out. Read it at The Republic Standard here.

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