The Utility of New Art in Identitarianism


This is something that I talked about before on streams when I was active on YouTube, but I’d like to take the time to write out the utility of new art in the Identitarian Movement. I use the words “utility of new” for a reason: I doubt anyone reading this would suggest that historical works of art (in all of their forms) are not important in Identitarianism. They are, after all, as much a part of our heritage as our architecture, our discoveries, and our traditions. They make up a large part of a people’s identity. The English can point to Shakespeare when demonstrating the greatness of the English. The same is true for Germans and Beethoven; Italians and Michelangelo. There’s obviously more to a people’s identity than artists, but The Arts are, unquestionably, a significant part of it.


This post, however, is not about the past—it’s about the now and the immediate future.


In this movement, there seems to be something that both the “thought leaders” and activists are missing completely: how effective The Arts can be at creating the kind of connection needed to move the masses. But, before I get into the effectiveness art can have, I should briefly go over that connection I just mentioned.


I’m a strong believer in the idea that pure logic and well-formed arguments—though key in swaying the minds of some—are not enough to bring most people over to our side. It may be an obvious statement, but to truly win the hearts of the people, their hearts need to be engaged. Statistics and rates can change the minds of only a select few. For the vast majority, emotional connections are what really drive them to believe, speak, and act. If you doubt that, then simply look at what has happened on the opposite side of this spectrum. The Left (or whatever you like to call them) have been using emotional rhetoric for generations, and millions of people are now blindly going along with these views because it was the one that made them feel something. It may be based on lies or fantasy, but it still got the masses to follow, to protest, to act violently in the name of the philosophy.


That’s what emotional connection has been able to do. We need to be able to offer the same. In other words, in order to get more people on our side, we have to make them feel.


The Arts can do just that. Few things can move a person like a beautiful piece of music, a well-crafted poem, a great work of art, or a touching story. We’ve seen how artistic expression can reach into the heart and inspire people to believe in something, whether that be righteous or degenerate. So, it should be obvious that the use of The Arts can help us instill a sense of identity in the people who have forgotten it.


Unfortunately, what immediately jumps out is using the older works of art to establish that sense, and that simply isn’t enough. While the use of older works of art can be great in instilling a sense of heritage in people, there’s still something missing.


That something is a sense of direction.


Though having pride in where you come from is vital in establishing the desire to fight for your identity, knowing where you’re going is equally as important. We can’t solely rely on past works to advocate for our people. If we do that, then we are essentially admitting that the best is behind us, and all we have to promote are things from the distant past. That isn’t true at all.


There are artists out there right now creating new works with the inspiration of the past and the innovative spirit that is so unique to our people.


The Identitywave scene is growing. But, for those of you who haven’t looked into it or who perhaps still have no faith in the power The Arts have to be used in the metapolitical fight, allow me to highlight some different works.










That one was made by Athena. Follow at




That piece was made by Elessar. Follow at The artwork was made by Art Right. Follow at




That one is a shameless plug of my own material. But, as far as I’m aware, I’m the only one using that style for Identitarianism.


That was only a taste. There are so many more artists making new works for their identity, and they need the support of the people in this movement. I’ll include a list at the end of this article, but for now, let’s return to the point of all of this: why The Arts are needed. If you look, you’ll see that there were no arguments laid out in those works. Yet, they still created a sense of identity. True: they may not be as profound as Michelangelo, Beethoven, or Shakespeare. But, they’re still made in the spirit of innovation and beauty that is part of our identity.


The Arts have the power to move, and we need to be able to do that if we ever hope to regain what was lost. If we don’t promote our own artists, then we’ll continue to miss out on that crucial factor that the other side has so intelligently tapped into.


Please, support these artists (I’ll be sure to update this as I become aware of new artists):


Elessar Music


Eternal Reich



Retro Rebel



Art Right


Wave Guy



Zuriel Awakes


AEsthetica Europa

Atop The Cliffs

The Great Order

White Art Collective

The Motley Drama (Me)

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